New Podiatry/Chiropody team offering appointments

  • foot pain
  • verrucae/corns
  • specialist nail treatments
  • biomechanic assessments
  • bespoke Insoles/ orthotics
  • nail surgery

Friday 9 – 1pm.       Michelle Stafford  BSc (hons) Pod. M.A. Bus. HCPC registered

Michelle works 4 days in the NHS and has a background working with Diabetes and vascular complications. Michelle has a keen interest in all aspects of Podiatry and foot care.

Saturday 9-1  pm     Ibrahim Miah  BSc Pod. Med.  HCPC Registered

Ibrahim works as a Specialist Podiatrist at Homerton University Hospital during the week and works Saturdays at Ashtead Osteopathy. Ibrahim works with all aspects of Podiatry and has a keen interest in Biomechanics and nail surgery.

Why would one need a podiatric biomechanical assessment?

 It is unlikely for an individual to be completely symmetrical, and this may affect the way they stand and walk.  Other factors such as high or low arches, over-pronation, over-supination, length discrepancies, muscle weakness or a sports injury etc. Can make symptoms worse.  In some cases, a minority of people adapt and get on with their lives without problems.  Others may develop symptoms, as their joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are being over-used and being put under increased stress.

 We provide custom made prescription orthotics, which are specifically designed for individual use.